Teaching methods will always vary according to the aims of the course, the style of the teacher and the needs of the learners. See the headings below.

Beginner courses at the Prince of Wales
Learn and practise the basics of getting around, meeting people, talking about yourself. Finding the way. Restaurant, Bar. Catching a train or bus, buying tickets, buying essentials and souvenirs. Numbers and money. Telling the time. Other survival language on demand. Some basic grammar and pronunciation. Lots of activities and language games to get you talking.

Beginners Chinese at the Prince of Wales
你好 nǐhǎo Hi (lit. "You good") We will start by building sentences using commonly used words enabling you to say hi, introduce yourself, ask for things and use various essential phrases. You will receive photocopies of each section of the resources as we cover the material in class. There will be no need to buy a book, although we will use excerpts from the popular ‘Easy Peasy Chinese’ book which you may wish to buy.

The focus in class is mainly on speaking and listening with a gradual and logical introduction to reading Chinese characters. Character writing will be given as optional homework. English will slowly be replaced by Mandarin as the language of instruction in class.

We will also use the language as a platform for gaining knowledge about China and the Far East as well as related traditions.

Materials will be online on Dropbox with most new words also on for you to access and practise anytime you like.

The overall aim is to help you love learning while helping you to build your confidence and become an ever more independent learner. We will look at various useful learning tips, methods and resources as well. Hope to see you soon! 再见 zàijiàn See you (lit. "Again see")

Continuation courses at the Prince of Wales
These courses are more structured and are likely to follow a textbook. There will be more grammar, depending on the needs of the group, but the main emphasis will still be on the spoken language.